U.S. Hwy. 78 & Highpoint Road

Situated along Highway 78 and fronting Highpoint Road, this MUR assemblage lies within an LCI and the Evermore CID. At 36.45 acres, this site will soon feature a new collector road and roundabout intersection. The collector will tie together a realignment project on the north end, and to continue onto the south for approximately 2 miles. The collector will cross Highpoint Road, and will provide a new roundabout intersection. The proposed typical section of new roadway is consistent with the adjacent connector roads, and will include two lanes, urban shoulders and sidewalks.

This site is also equidistant to two (2) GRTA stops, providing easy access to Atlanta with coordinated stops and destinations. Additionally, this site is approximately 15 minutes to major highways including I-285, and 85, and I-20. Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport is within a 40 minute drive. Traffic counts within the area estimate 69,790 vpd.

This property is also graded to road level, with all public utilities available including sewer and detention.